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Traverse City Painters - Deck Makeover

Is your graying deck an eyesore? Before you rip it out or attempt a DIY project consider a free consult with Fortified Coatings professional painters - Traverse City MI.

A little TLC (tender loving care) by some expert painters can have your graying backyard deck looking fresh and revived again in a very short time.

We know it might seem hard to believe, but just because an outside deck has dulled to gray and looks ancient doesn't mean that it needs to be replaced. Instead of spending thousands on a brand new deck, consider a deck makeover by expert painters Traverse City MI.

Ugly is not permanent in this case, as long as the wood itself has not rotted or otherwise deteriorated. Restore the appearance of your deck, and by association your house and yard, in just a few days. Imagine enjoying the sight of your deck when you drive up to the house, look out a window, or invite people over to enjoy a barbecue.

First, take a good look at the deck. Check for any evidence of rot, cracked boards, or broken parts. Dont panic if there is mold or mildew because that can be remedied. You do however want to identify any boards that need to be replaced before you can embark on the makeover.

Once any damaged posts, broken railings, or warped boards are replaced the appearance of your deck can be face-lifted quickly for a fraction of the cost of completely replacing and rebuilding it.

Before painting or staining, the next step is to wash away all the evidence of the abuse and neglect that your deck has suffered during its lifetime. Professional power-washing by Fortified Coatings painters in Traverse City MI will remove decades of mold, mildew, and nail rust stains. Power washing with commercial grade pressure washers (not home models) will also quickly rid the deck of peeling paint and old dull stain. That is because commercial pressure washers are strong enough to leave marks in the wood, which is another reason why you should seriously consider hiring experts to do the work.

We know there are cleaning products available at hardware stores or home improvement centers, but many are expensive and do not work as well as a commercial grade pressure washer. The chemicals are hard on plants and grass near your deck and probably not very good for the environment. Really, the most cost-effective and ecological way to prepare your deck for staining is professional pressure washing.

Why hire professional Fortified Coatings painters Traverse City MI to stain and seal your deck? It will not only yield better results with a high quality finish, but likely save you money. If you use hand brushes or rollers to stain a deck, it doesnt just take much longer to complete the paint job. It uses a lot more stain to do by hand. Plus, as you try to fill the cracks and crevices that naturally occur in wooden boards, it often ends up looking ugly and uneven. Professional painters will use a commercial grade airless sprayer gun, which is extremely efficient with the paint and flawlessly fills every nook and cranny of the deck without repeated coats. A beautiful paint finish will typically take professional paint companies less than a day to complete.

The right stain will last for years to come as well as cover imperfections. Check with a Fortified Coatings Traverse City painters for a consultation to determine which stain will be the most durable for your deck given the climate and weather in your region. Using a top-rated stain for your deck will offer long-lasting protection.

Considering a deck makeover? The experienced commercial and residential painters Traverse City MI at Fortified Coatings will give you a complimentary consultation for pressure washing, staining, and sealing your deck. This quick call could save you hours of labor and the cost of having to attempt the job multiple times only to attain sub-par results. Before you head to Home Depot dial (231) 715-9597 for a free no obligation quote.