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Traverse City MI Painters Discuss Lead Paint Safety

Fortified Coatings, a lead-safe certified painting company in Traverse City, MI, can help with lead paint safety for both residential and commercial properties. Many homes, public buildings and commercial sites built prior to 1978 used lead-based paint for walls and trim. The problem with lead-based paint is that lead from chips of paint or dust is a serious hazard that can cause significant health problems in both children and adults.

How seriously should lead-based paint be taken?

The potential health risks from lead-based paint prompted the federal government to require that before anyone sells or rents a home built before 1978 the potential hazard must be disclosed. Real estate contracts must have written warnings about the risk of lead-based paint and buyers are permitted up to 10 days for lead testing. Landlords must have a warning about lead-based paint in the lease or rental agreement.

Breathing in dust contaminated with lead or otherwise ingesting dust or lead-based paint chips can cause severe harm, especially to children whose nervous systems are still developing. Problems resulting in children include nervous system problems, damage to kidneys, learning disabilities, speech language difficulties, behavior problems, lack of muscle coordination and development and hearing loss. Adults may experience fertility challenges, hypertension (high blood pressure), digestive issues, memory problems and muscle and joint pain. Pregnant women run the risk of their unborn baby being adversely affected by even low exposure levels.

What steps should be taken to deal with lead hazards?

Any experienced painters Traverse City MI will tell you that trying to remove lead-based paint without professional help is not safe. Disturbing the surface of lead-based paint creates dust, which even in low levels can cause serious problems.

Until you can get a certified inspector to assess the risk, keep painted surfaces clean and in good condition. Do not undertake any renovation or repairs until the problem is remedied. Because exterior lead-based paints may release dust or chips into the soil, remove your shoes before entering the building and dont let children play in the area until the lead paint is removed. Hire only Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved and certified firms.

If you worry that you have been exposed to lead paint, ask your doctor to conduct blood tests of you and any other potential victims.

Looking for EPA lead-base certified Traverse City, MI painters? Contact the Fortified Coatings painters Traverse City MI. They are an EPA lead-safe certified firm with years of experience providing exceptional service and quality to both residential and commercial clients.