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Traverse City Painter: Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

With thousands of paint colors available, selecting the perfect paint color for any space can be daunting. Beauty, as has been said, is in the eye of the beholder. So how do you find the right hue and tone to revitalize your commercial or residential space? Your Fortified Coating's Traverse City painter can help.

Paint, one of the more economical ways to transform interiors or exteriors, can influence how you and others feel about a building or room. Color adds ambiance and creates atmosphere, the right color scheme bringing elements together or drawing attention and making a bold statement.

With that in mind, here are some tips for making the color selection that works best for your paint project:

Think big picture Consider the existing color scheme and your design goals. Consult design magazines and websites for inspired ideas and the latest trends. Consider your comfort level in making a color selection: Would you rather stay with safe neutral tones or do you want to coordinate more vibrant colors? For residential projects think about personal color preferences. With commercial projects, you may need to focus on creating atmosphere or establishing a certain look.

Work with other design elements It is important to select color that works with  not against  the rest of the space. Consider the flooring, furniture (style and color) and trim. If your redecorating budget does not include new floor coverings and furniture, choose new paint that brings the room together. You may love very bold and vibrant colors but these may not be the best choice for the size and style of room. The best designs will coordinate a pleasing palette that accents and complements the key elements or one dramatic focal point. Share your ideas with your Fortified Coatings Traverse City painter for suggestions.

Inspiration and creativity There are endless possibilities for shades, tones and tints. Your choice of paint color could be daring with several colors, classic with elegant and timeless color combinations or muted with neutral selections or monochromatic schemes. Many paint stores offer chips or brochures that have color palettes prepared by professionals in the paint industry. It can be very helpful to see how a professional combines different colors to create a pleasing effect for an interior or exterior space.

Practical considerations Color can have a huge impact on mood and feelings. You can choose soothing and relaxing color or energizing, motivating hues. Similarly, color can warm a room or make it feel cooler. These are all important things to consider depending on the purpose of the space. For instance, you may want to choose a calming color for study space or a spa.

Another thing to consider is the time of day you will be in a particular space and how the light impacts the way you see the color selection. A paint color, for example, will look different in the soft light of sunset than it will appear during the bright light of noon. Ensure that you look at the paint color you are considering at the time of day you will want to use the space. Lighting has a huge impact on how colors appear, for example they will often appear darker in dim lighting in the evening or on a dull day.

Design rules While all rules are made to be broken, many decorating professionals will recommend limiting paint schemes to three colors, two bold and a third that is more neutral. Some designers suggest collecting sample paint chips from paint stores and bringing them to the project site. This way you can consider the way the paint appears in this space and whether you like that shade or tint.

If you are uncertain from a small sample whether you like the color, try painting a small area of the wall or surface to see what it looks like  or hanging a larger swatch to see if it works. For help finding just the right color and ensuring that the paint is applied flawlessly contact Fortified Coating's Traverse City painters. We are Northern Michigans reliable precision paint professionals.