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Ask Traverse City, MI Painters How to Redecorate with Paint

Hiring a professional painter is the most versatile method to dramatically redecorate your house. With minimal financial investment you can quickly transform your interior and exterior spaces. Fortified Coating's painters in Traverse City, MI share why professional painting makes a big impression when you want to redecorate:

It freshens New paint is like a makeover for your living space, brightening and even hiding minor defects or calling attention away from less than desirable elements. Fortified Coating's professional Traverse City painters are extremely skilled and use professional equipment so the work is finished properly  clean, neat and flawless.

It updates A new color scheme can modernize tired old rooms and dated exterior facades. Consider, for example, the cost of replacing a front door and window shutters versus professionally repainting them in a new color palette. Or, think about how much you would have to spend to renovate a kitchen compared with updating and revitalizing old cabinets with new paint. Knowledgeable residential painters will properly clean and prepare the surfaces and use the right paints for a successful transformation. Freshening walls, trim and accents with the right finishes will renew heritage elements or revolutionize the look of your house.

It transforms The ability for paint to change a home is limited only by imagination and expertise. A residential painter is able to advise you on how to choose paint colors to make rooms seem larger or smaller. The right paint will make a ceiling seem lower or higher and it can also soften strange angles or make a ceiling that slopes a little less noticeable. The right, finish and color over a little bit of filler can repair holes or defects in walls.

It can be dramatic Choosing bold colors or interesting color schemes makes a statement. Certain tones can be calming or warming, really impacting the atmosphere of your residence.

It is versatile There are many options for paint today that work for painting everything from wood to siding to ceramics to metallic. Hiring someone who knows which paint is best paint for the job and applies it properly will ensure the finish can withstand the wear and tear anticipated. Not only is paint extremely durable, there are also many quality eco-friendly options for those who want redecorating that respects the environment.

Northern Michigan's Fortified Coatings offers more than 10 years of residential and commercial painting experience to the greater Traverse City area. Contact us to see how our professional painters - Traverse City, MI can help you redecorate with paint.