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Painters Traverse City, MI - How a Painter Can Sell Your Home

A new coat of paint professionally applied by Fortified Coating's painters (Traverse City, MI) won't break the bank and can help you sell your house.

Like a Hollywood star hitting the red carpet, your goal when selling a house should be to stand out from the crowd without looking overdone and tawdry. Think all-natural beauty with a hint of elegance.

Here are some points to consider when you think in terms of brushwork and gallons of paint:

Best foot forward: You need to make people want to leave their cars and come inside your open house for a tour. The best way to draw people inside is to have a little curb appeal. Not many people will leap at a chance to look at a house with a peeling, fading or cracked exterior paint job, let alone make an offer. Seeing a house with a nice crisp paint job just might be the curb appeal you require to sell. If your house needs exterior paint you can contact the professional painters - Traverse City, MI at Fortified Coatings for a free quote.

Details count: Don't just consider the siding when you think exterior. Take a look at your eaves, trim, windowsills and doors. Buyers look for updated features and will be watchful for shoddy paint jobs that leave smudges on glass or doors that look dated and ugly. You want to show people who are house hunting that your home is so nice outside it is worth heading indoors to see the rest of it.

Warm, not cold: While many buyers think white walls are neutral and will be most appealing to potential buyers, more people respond better to neutral tones that tend to be more welcoming. Nice light tones of beige, coffee cream or taupe are neutral but inviting.

Ready to move in: When the interior is crisp and clean it offers a wonderfully inviting ambience to potential buyers. Without nicks and scuffmarks, everything seems cleaner and tidier. A fresh coat of paint expertly applied by a professional painter just says this house is ready for you to move right into and unpack.

Setting the stage: Real estate shows always have designers staging homes for a quick sale. You need to soften the areas you have worked hard to personalize because, let's face it, not everyone has the same love of striking deep color that you do. Neutral tones make the house less one-of-a-kind to something the buyer can envision making into his or her own home.

Reasonable expense: Hiring Fortified Coating's residential painters - Traverse City, MI to paint the exterior or interior of a house are one of the least expensive upgrades you can do before selling a home. For a modest investment you update the look of the home and fresh paint just might close the sale.

The professional painters - Traverse City MI at Fortified Coatings can help you get your Northwestern Michigan home ready to put on the market for sale. Contact us today for a free estimate for interior or exterior residential painting.