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Exterior Paint Issues | Painters Traverse City MI

Selecting the right paint for the job is crucial when it comes to exterior paint finishes. Failing to properly prepare the surface and use proper painting techniques can also result in a finish that falls short of perfect. Your Traverse City, MI painters at Fortified Coatings will evaluate your building and make educated recommendations.

Here are the biggest exterior paint issues to watch for:

Alligatoring While that bumpy alligator skin look might be stylish for handbags it most certainly is not for exterior paint. These unsightly cracks most often arise after the wrong paint has been applied over a surface that was not primed appropriately. Poor painting techniques, such as painting a topcoat prematurely, can also cause this flaw.

Blistering Tiny blisters or bubbles appear in exterior paint for a few different reasons. The paint will bubble up if it is painted under hot conditions or if the surface is too damp or exposed to too much humidity. It can also occur if the wrong paint is used for the exterior or if it was not prepared with the right primer.

Chalking Fortified Coating's Traverse City, MI painters will tell you, when you touch an exterior wall you shouldn't walk away looking as though you touched a dirty chalkboard. This problem of an excessive residue of chalk occurs if a poor quality or inferior paint is used outside. Essentially the paint is eroding, which impacts the appearance of the color.

Dirt Pick Up While at first glance you might think you have a mildew problem, but a professional Traverse City, MI painter can explain that dirt pick up will not be minimized by a bleach solution. Instead, it occurs if the painter has used an inferior paint product or if some sort of dirt or debris has contaminated the surface as it is painted. These particles of dirt, dust or pollen mottle the appearance of the paint surface and make it look dirty and unsightly.

Mildew Creeping dark mildew stains spread as the spores flourish in a damp environment, making the paint look dirty and spotty. The only way to get rid of a mildew problem is to thoroughly clean the surface with a solution of bleach and water before painting with a superior quality paint that offers resistance to mildew and damp.

Peeling We've all seen house exteriors where paint is peeling away in spots, bits of paint curling up like dried leaves along siding. This issue is usually caused by excessive moisture and indicates inadequate priming or the selection of a poor quality paint product. The experienced Traverse City painters at Fortified Coatings will use professional planning and processes to avoid this ugly issue later down the road.

Surfactant Leaching This ugly exterior paint problem looks as if someone has dripped or drizzled a dark substance along the paint finish. It occurs when paint is applied in a cool and damp environment, which makes the drying take longer. The uneven drying time allows water-soluble elements of the paint to rise to the surface before the paint is properly dry. It leaves an unsightly mottled appearance.

Without fully understanding common exterior paint issues, exterior painting may seem as simplistic as getting the pain on the wall, but multiple factors including moisture, temperature, paint/primer type and quality as well as quantity and timing must be considered. The extreme weather conditions in Northern Michigan can make identifying the ideal paints and application techniques even more complex.

You can count on the experienced Traverse City, MI painters at Fortified Coatings to take into consideration all of the unique challenges of your painting project so that you will avoid issues that arise from inexperience or improper technique and building will look great for years to come. Call the Traverse City painting professionals at Fortified Coatings today to request a complimentary quote.