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Painters Traverse City MI, Explain Different Interior Paint Finishes

Choosing the right paint finish is essential for professional pain results that will not only look great be also resist chipping, fading, cracking and other signs of wear. Fortified Coatings painters in Traverse City MI will explain the different interior pain finishes and where they work best.

Here is what you need to know about a few primary paint finishes in order to select the right paint:

Flat (or matte) finish - A flat finish is opaque, meaning it is solid and doesn't reflect light. A flat finish is often desired for interior walls and ceilings because it lends sophistication and elegance to the space. It works very well if there are any imperfections to conceal that would be otherwise highlighted by a glossy finish. Flat finishes used to be avoided in some areas due to their difficulty to wash but now there are high quality flat finish paints on the market that are also washable. Ask your Traverse City painters at Fortified Coatings for details.

Eggshell finish Think about the way the shell of an egg looks. It is not overly glossy, more of a low luster with only the slightest hint of shine. Our Traverse City painters like to use paints with an eggshell finish for decorative finishes because it lets you really see the detail in the paint since there is no shine to obscure any decorations. Although its not a glossy paint if you select a high quality eggshell finish and it is applied properly it will have the durability to withstand regular cleaning.

Satin finish - A satin finish offers a smooth surface with a hint of shine. It is very popular and often the first choice for kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms and other high-traffic areas. If you use high quality paint it will withstand being wiped down and washed.

Semi-gloss finish - The semi-gloss finish offers shine and deep richness to the color, unfortunately it will still highlight any defects in the surface so preparation before painting is essential. It is a great choice for painting trim, doors, cabinets and high traffic areas that require easy cleaning.

Glossy (high-gloss) finish - A glossy or high-gloss finish is shiny and very reflective. Traverse City painters at Fortified Coatings advise that you to never use glossy paint for your entire wall. It can in some instances work well for ornate trim, but is typically reserved for industrial painting safety colors. Remember when you choose a finish for your paint that the selection may impact the color you have chosen. The glossier the paint the more it reflects light, which makes the color seem darker and more intense.

Contact your Traverse City painters at Fortified Coatings for expert advice on selecting the finish that is best for your paint project in the Greater Traverse City area. We have offered exceptional services to the people of Northern Michigan for over 10 years.