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Painters Traverse City, MI: Interior Painting Issues

Hiring the right paint contractor for your residential or industrial painting project is the safest way to guard against having to deal with issues. Conversely, if a contractor didnt paint things properly the first time, the right paint professional can remedy even the worst problems that arise.

Here are some common interior paint problems:

Burnishing This paint problem happens if someone tries to clean the painted surface or if something rubs against the painted surface, disrupting the gloss of the paint finish. Essentially, whatever the cause of the burnishing, there is a noticeable mark on the wall. It may happen if cleaning is done too aggressively or with the wrong cleaner. Another reason burnishing happens is if the wrong paint is selected for an area that is in frequent use.

Blistering These unsightly little paint bubbles might happen while painting or they might show up after the paint has been applied to a surface. Blistering causes include painting without properly priming the surface painting a damp surface or painting an area that has not been cleaned properly. Too much moisture or heat can also result in blistering.

Caulk Failure When caulking is used to seal joints or seams it needs to be painted properly or it might crack or lift up from the surface. Some caulking compounds should not be painted and if they are they will stop adhering properly to the surface. The work must be done with the correct caulking and the right paint to avoid caulk failure.

Cracking If paint starts to crack into ugly lines across a surface or even come off in flakes, it is likely the paint is old or was not applied properly. If poor quality paint was used, the surface wasnt prepared properly or if the wrong paint was used it could result in surface cracking. It could also be a response to environmental changes that make the paint brittle. Once cracking starts it usually gets worse so if you see hairline cracks you should try to remedy it as soon as possible.

Flashing Shiny or dull spots in the paints finish are called flashing. It frequently happens when paint is applied unevenly or improperly. Inadequate priming can also result in flashing.

Hatbanding If you see an area that is noticeably darker or lighter than the rest of a painted surface  so that it almost looks as if it is the outline of a picture frame  this is a defect called hatbanding. This flaw usually occurs if the paint is not mixed well, if it is applied improperly or if it is applied over a service that was not prepared well.

Lap Marks If you can see places of varied color where the layers of paint overlap, this marred finish is called lap marking. With advanced skill and knowledge, lap marks can be avoided. They usually occur if paint is applied improperly on very large or porous surfaces or if paint is applied on very warm or windy days.

Mildew Unsightly mildew spots spread in damp environments that get little sunlight. Once mildew spores have set in only a bleach solution will get rid of them. However, you can reduce mildew problems before they start by using paint with mildewcide, and properly preparing and priming the surface.

Mud Cracking If you see marks on a painted surface, usually a wall, that look like cracks in mud like youd see on the beach, this is mud cracking. Often the culprits that cause mud-cracking problems are using inferior paint or applying it too thickly.

Paint Sticking and Poor Print Resistance A quality paint job with the right paint will not result in sticky surfaces. Sometimes inadequate prep work of the surface to be painted will contribute to the problem but often it is the result of the painter using the wrong paint for the job. If the paint is tacky to the touch (like tape) or if doors or windows stick because of a poor finish, this is paint sticking. If touching the paint leaves a mark or imprint this indicates a problem with either the paint selection or improper application.

If you want to avoid or correct any of these common interior paint issues contact the Traverse City, MI painters at Fortified Coatings for a free estimate. Our expert painters are the experienced professionals you can count on for all your Northern Michigan residential and commercial painting needs.