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How to Hire a Traverse City Painter

When you are looking to hire a painter for residential or commercial painting there are a few important things to think about as you search for the right contractor for the job.

Taking the time to follow these steps to finding the right Traverse City painter will save you time, frustration and maybe even money in the long run:

Do Your Homework  The fastest way to gain a lot of information is to get online and do a little research. Search for Traverse City painters and visit several websites to see what credentials, experience and work examples different contractors offer. You can also browse their social media links to see what other information they share and what people in the community are saying about them.

Word of mouth  In small towns like Traverse City, good and bad reputations are built quickly. You can build on your initial research by asking friends, family and colleagues whom they would recommend. This is also a great way to verify the work will be high quality and the service professional. Local paint stores can also be a great resource.

Interview the painter and check references  Write down a few questions prior to the interview so you dont forget to ask them. When you are looking to hire a Traverse City painter you have every right to know how much experience they have, if they are insured or bonded and if they belong to professional associations such as the Home Builders Association of Grand Traverse Area (HBAGT). Some states, like Michigan, require licensing and so you should ensure that the contractor meets these standards. It is also a good idea to find out who will be doing the work, if they will confirm which paint products they will use for your work and what sort of satisfaction guarantee they offer. Ask for a reference from a recent client and be sure to call and ask if the customer is satisfied with the work.

Meet with the potential Traverse City painter to review the scope of your project  Whether it is residential or commercial, a reliable paint contractor will want to meet you and see the site you need painted. If you want a valid quote for work, it makes sense that you would want to show the painter exactly what you want done and not rely on a telephone conversation for an accurate assessment of the work. Be sure to discuss all of your needs and requirements, including what you need painted, the kind of paint you want used and whether there are any details or special finishes required. The more information you give to the contractor at this point the more comprehensive and reliable the quote for pricing will be  saving you from surprises once the work is underway and greatly improving the odds that you will be happy with the final outcome.

What you want in a paint contractor  You want to choose a painter who is professional, courteous, reliable and experienced. It is a very good sign if the contractor is available to meet with you, shows up on time and provides a written estimate in a timely manner. Good painters are usually busy and work hard to please their clients making it easy to provide referrals.

Once you decide, get everything in writing.  Be sure to get a written contract that details everything youve discussed about your residential or commercial painting job. It should outline all the specifications you have for the work, from what is being painted (including repairs, cleaning, trim or special finishes) to expectations for preparation and management of the project to price, payment terms and a timeline for the project. If you have any questions or want anything clarified, ask and then document the changes or clarifications on the contract.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced residential or commercial Traverse City painting company, contact the professionals at Northwest Michigans Fortified Coatings for a free quote on your project.